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Highways England - register to be a stakeholder

Any individual or group can register to be a Highways England stakeholder for the Ox-Cam Expressway Project. This update from NoExpressway.Org explains how:

Groups (EG Parish Councils, community groups etc.) can register by simply emailing – and asking to become a ‘Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)’ for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway project.

Individuals currently need to register using the following process – until Highways England have launched their dedicated Ox-Cam Project website. It doesn’t take long and it’s really important that as many of us do this as possible……

1. Sign up to Highways England for updates using this link You are invited to become a Subscriber (don’t worry, it’s free!).

2.Enter your email address and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

3.On the next screen confirm your email address and enter/confirm a password.

Check the data privacy policy box and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

4. In the long list of options to subscribe to updates about:

- Expand “Road Projects” option

- Expand “East of England road projects” sub-option

- select “Oxford to Cambridge expressway” (very near the bottom of the road projects list)

- Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Submit button

If you have any problems at all with this process, please contact us here.

We have been informed that ALL stakeholders, whether individuals or groups, will receive the same information about the consultation at the same time. Some warning will be given by email before the full expressway consultation is launched, then another email will be sent round, announcing the route options consultation launch.

So what does being a stakeholder mean?

Highways England will send any new information it is sharing, directly to you. E.g. when HE announce the timing and details of the consultation process later this year. HE has committed to sending this information to all registered stakeholders.It’s also a great way of demonstrating how interested our communities and groups are.

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