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Why not create a Time Capsule

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic will go down in the history books, but a time capsule will teach future generations all about what lockdown was really like so why not have a go.

We are all living through an important moment in history and a time capsules, full of things that show what life under lockdown was like, even in Marsh Gibbon, will be fascinating for anyone discovering it in years to come.

Time capsules are containers of some kind which hold a selection of objects, picked because they have a special meaning in the time that we’re living in and most importantly to those people creating the capsule.

For example, time capsules have been found from as early as 1874 in the UK with photographs and letters, describing daily events happening that year. Some of you may remember the Silver Jubilee ones created in 1977.

A perfect template to start you your families to use can be found by clicking this link has some wonderful suggestions for what to use as your capsule and the sort of items you may wish to ‘bury’.

This link is another source of ideas …

Happy Capsuling ..!

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