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Your URGENT support is needed ... Say NO to more HGV's

For those of you who may not be aware the Marsh Gibbon Parish Council have been informed that an application has been submitted to the traffic commissioner for multiple HGVS to be based at Old Station House, Mash Gibbon (between Marsh and Poundon). As we all know we have had numerous problems with HGVS in the local area and the road infrastructure, simply isn’t suitable.

We have also been informed that Parish Council’s and indeed Bucks Council hold no sway on if the application. The only criteria that the traffic commissioner will use to judge the application, is weight of public opinion.

Therefore, we are asking that all residents write/e-mail to express their strong objections to this application. We know this works. .... People Power stopped The Expressway and its threat to our village so please take the time and have your sy!

In summary this application WILL be accepted if we do not object.

The Parrish Council have put together the details below of how to contact the Traffic Commissioner and application number (need to include in feedback). The deadline for doing so is 2nd JUNE. We have also included bullet points of the key objection criteria but do feel to include anything else you feel is important.

Office of the Traffic Commissioner (East of England) Hillcrest House 386 Harehills Lane Leeds LS9 6NF OR Email: Application Details

Application No: OF2044931S1

Name: Scoobie Limited “Philip Lynch trading as Scooby Limited of 4 York Court, London Road, Sayers Common, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9GY is applying for a licence to use Old Station House, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester OX27 0AX as an operating centre for goods vehicles

Points to Note in e-mail/letter • Road survey taken out 2019 and agreed with Local authority (Buckinghamshire Council) that the main road through the village isn’t suitable for HGV access – Parish Council are putting signs on West Edge declaring "not suitable for HGV". There is a narrow 90 degree bend where lorries can’t pass each other. • There are multiple grade II historic buildings immediately on the main road (Townsend, West Edge, Church Street). In addition there is the Medieval grade II* Church and graveyard located on Station Road. • Alternate routes aren't suitable through the village (Whales Lane already has unsuitable for HGV signs) • There are low bridges on three main roads approaching the village 1) A41 at Marsh Gibbon junction; 2) Marsh Gibbon to Stratton Audley road and 3) Marsh Gibbon to Twyford road • Limited footway through the village and main roads through the village have no footways (Townsend, West Edge & Church Street) • Large primary school with children having to walk along the roads with no foot ways, plus, significant amount of on road parking during drop off and collection (Church Street, Castle Street, Station Road) • Marsh Gibbon currently have 3 house building sites in the village, a building merchants, plus a coal merchant/hauliers already situated next to the site being proposed. In addition to this we are constantly challenging EWR who are continuing to drive through the village to reach a depot on Station Road. The condition of the roads is appalling and continuing to deteriorate • Marsh Gibbon and the surrounding villages are small rural communities with poor road infrastructures that are already being adversely impacted due to the constant pressures of existing HGV uses.

Thank you for your support

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